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Top-3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Viagra

Many men who haven't used Viagra before are interested in a huge number of questions: how to achieve the desired effect, how long the tablet has the expected effect and how long Viagra works. Using this drug, you need to know the answers to all these questions to benefit from the use of love pills. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac. It was originally developed as a drug against hypertension and ischemia, but at the testing stage it was found that the drug has a pronounced side effect, expressed in a persistent, prolonged erection. This drug contributes to the flow of blood to the genitals and prevents its outflow for a certain period of time. The reason for this is the active substance - sildenafil, starting to act after a while after taking.

How Quickly Will You Notice the Effect?

When buying Viagra at online pharmacy, every man wonders when he will be able to enjoy its benefits. This depends on a number of factors. If a man uses Viagra after having meals, then the tablet can begin to work in 40-50 minutes. If it is taken on an empty stomach, then only 20-30 minutes is enough to achieve an erection. Always take this time of the possible delay into account. At the same time, any action or thought of a sexual nature can serve as a kind of trigger that will signal the male organism to launch complex chemical processes responsible for erection. And Viagra is the ideal, "explosive" stimulator of these processes. However, you need to know that even with the use of Viagra an erection will appear only if there is sexual arousal. If it is absent, the drug will show no effect.

How Long Will You Enjoy the Effect of Viagra?

The erection comes gradually. You will notice the erection onset in the first 30-40 minutes after taking the drug. The erection with the use of Viagra is going to be noticeably stronger and at times longer than without its intake. In most cases, it works for about 4 hours. However, some men report that the drug provides an effect lasting for 5-6 hours. The exact period of action is individual for every man. The truth is that the period of the pill action for everyone is different. Learn more about the factors that may affect how long Viagra will last for you here.

How Much Viagra Should You Take for the Most Powerful Effect?

One tablet of the drug contains approximately 100 mg of the active substance. As each organism reacts to the drug in different ways, it is worth starting with taking 25 mg, and if necessary, you can increase the dosage to 100 mg. To exceed this value and take more is definitely not worth it. The active substance will not increase from this. Taking more than it is recommended you risk having serious side effects. Take Viagra tablets orally, washed down with water. If you take them on empty stomach, the effect will be noticed faster as after eating fatty foods more time is required for Viagra