Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
                                               Department of Pediatrics
                              Third-Year Clerkship Forms and Materials
                                                                               updated 30 Oct 06

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Graded         Exercises Narrative Summary Guidelines June-06
Oral Presentation Guidelines June-06
Comprehensive H and P Guidelines June-06
LCME-related Clerkship Forms AY 06-07 Competency Checklist Oct-06
Core Problem Checklist June-06
Ethics Exercise June-06
Applying AAP Practice Parameter June-06
Guidelines for Attendings Ward Faculty Guide Dec-04
Nursery Faculty Guide Dec-04
SCOOPs and     SCOs ReCOOP Form July-04
SCOOP Form April-03
SCO Data Gathering June-01
SCO Patient Education June-01
SCO Physical Exam June-01
Clerkship Site Director Forms Student Profile Dec-05
Site Director Checklist May-06
Student Evaluation/Narrative Sep-06
Grading Worksheet July-06
Inpatient Evaluation June-06
Outpatient Evaluation (Blue Card) June-06
CBILS Evaluation Form June-05
Clinical Skills Inventory Dec-05