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       Chapter Obesity Resources & Initiatives

Chapter Members: Anti-Obesity Advocacy Interest Group

    A listserv for the Chapter Anti-Obesity & Overweight Working Group has been created to discuss current programs, determine best practices and focus the energies of the Chapter on this topic.   Please e-mail LCDR Greg Gorman to be added to the group.


Anti-Obesity Resources

      AAP Overweight & Obesity Project

      Tricare Southwest CME on Obesity


Current Military Anti-Obesity Initiatives by Chapter Members

     (email communications re: current or start-up programs)


      Pediatric Weight Management Clinic (Kaiserslautern Military Community)

      Metabolic Syndrome Clinic information (Womack Army Medical Center)

      Healthy People 2010 Nutrition & Overweight Focus Group (HHS)


Soft-Drink & Candy Vending Machines in DoD Schools

   The AAP issued a policy statement recommending curtailing soft drink and junk food vending machines in schools.  The Chapter is working on advocating for children in DoD schools on this issue.



Email LCDR Gorman for additional information.